May 19, 2020

I'm a flake and I hate it. What do I mean by flake? I like to get big ideas about the things I want to do. I want to live a healthier lifestyle, become a better programmer, have a better prayer life, etc. These kinds of things don't just magically happen however and require some effort and planning. So, I sit down and come up with some goals and what I am going to do to help me reach those goals. Do I want to become a better programmer? I'll start this 100 days of code challenge and write code everyday. Am I tired of not being fit? Let's get a gym membership and make it a goal to go three times a week. You get the picture.

With a lot of these goals though, I flake out on them. I forget about them. Then I return to the status quo. I beat myself up about not being able to change and then the cycle continues with something else I want to change. Some attempts are more successful than others in terms of how long I end up sticking to them. More often than not, these new habits I try to develop end up not sticking.

Lately, I have been thinking about my flakiness a lot more. I have been bumping into a lot of helpful resources lately that talk about similar topic to this. It's been gnawing at me a little more intensely lately, especially since I am done with graduate school for the semester. I have a lot more free time on my hands and I want to make sure that I invest it wisely.

Today, I came across this. There was a blog post on the front page of HN today that mentioned it. The gist of it is that a person commits to writing 100 blog posts in the span of a year. You don't sweat about the length or quality either. The important thing is to just write. Even if you don't make the goal of 100 blog posts, you just keep writing.

Today, in all of my flakiness, I want to take part in this challenge. I think that this challenge will do me a tremendous amount of good. I also am a big believer in the open web. We need more people putting out content in spaces out side of the social media giants. I am excited to see where this takes me. :)