May 26, 2020

Why am I picking up writing? Growing up I loved to read books. Constantly, I would take a book with me to read on the bus, in the car. Heck, I would even take books into restaurants to read while my family waited on our orders. The worlds that authors would create would mesmerize me for hours and I would not be able to put the books down.

My love for reading is what first brought me into writing of my own accord. I wanted to create my own worlds that people could get lost in. I wrote a handful of short stories as a kid, but I mostly stuck with writing descriptions of scenic places. Stories were really hard to write. Unfortunately, I would lose interest into writing as I started to grow older. Most of my writing experience now is from occasionally journaling and writing essays for school and college.

I want to get back into the habit of writing because I think it is one of the most underrated skills today. Being a strong writer can help a person out in many aspects of their life. Good writers can share knowledge more effectively to other people. In my world of software development, good documentation is key for me to do my job. I think good documentation is the most important thing that programmers should do if they want someone to adopt the tools they are writing. I won't use a tool if the documentation is old or confusing.

The most common job that I have been accomplishing with writing lately is for self reflection. Pouring out your thoughts, hopes, dreams and aspirations into a journal entry is a great way for a person to be mindful. It's similar to going on an introspective adventure to help one discover what REALLY makes me tick. What am I afraid of? What do I want my life to look out in 5 years? Am I happy? Sad? What do I want to change? What do I want to stay the same?

The goal of me doing this blogging challenge is to get me to practice these skills more. Blogging for an audience is especially good practice for me to articulate my thoughts into a coherent form that other people can understand. The best thing about this challenge is that these blogs don't have to be perfect. The focus is to just get writing out there. Just write! Sure, it's not going to be stellar but I'm writing. I'm practicing. I'm crafting thoughts for other people to read, critique, enjoy, etc. Besides, with me just starting, it's not like that many people are going to read my crappy writing so it's good to make mistakes now :) Cheers!